Is Dating in London Easy?

Single and looking!

When you reach the age people start to realise you ain’t married, so they start to ask all these annoying questions that you don’t even know the answer too!

“Oh when are you getting married?” “Why you single?” “When are you going to find a man?”

You plaster on a smile or force a giggle and a hair flip, while trying to find a lie to get them off your back.

the truth is their are many reasons why you’re single but saying them out loud will be depressing, as you not only have to admit your flaws and insecurities but also have to open the wardrobe with them skeletons….the cemetery of all the lost boys.

I swear you men don’t make it easy for us women! The lies and deceit, when actively looking is jaw dropping!

I’m not gonna get into all that man bashing….yet!, POF, Tender, insta, eharmony, snapchat, all these routes for singles to mingle!

I find these routes, makes London smaller and not in a good way.

what happen to the good old days when you go to a rave and meet someone. Now when you do go out, men will actually analyse you to see if you speak to anyone they know or the women you’re with, then search for you by asking around to see if any guys know you or hoping you got tagged in the event pic to screenshot your picture and throw it in the group chat, to see if he gets the all clear!

All this scheming! I miss when genuine people who are single approach one another exchange numbers and see where it goes. Now everyone is Mi5! We wonder why so many people are single and being used or getting cheated on! To many insecurities, lies and labels being showcased for all to see.

All I’m saying is, if you find you and a person getting on, trust in that! Experiences, life is what makes us different, who we are. And unfortunately their are individuals who don’t want you happy.

I believe their is someone for everyone, it’s just the timing we usually get wrong or some may say when the timing is rite!

Anyway people, I’m praying daily for my T’challa 🙅🏾‍♀️ ( inbox me if you’re him)😊


7.40 Train To….

Morning commute to work can be dreadful. Train delays, packed trains, packed buses! Every now and again you can actually look forward to traveling to work, when you know

A handsome someone is also on that journey with you in the morning.😊

My mornings have become bearable! Lol 6’1, athletic with a gorgeous smile ( white teeth ) Lol ok his face alone is enough to make me miss my stop. 
Just gorgeous.
So today got me thinking….where do women get the courage to ask a man out?? Some may say grow a pair! Lol or what’s the worst that came happen!! Lol let me think….errmm rejection. 
Yeah yeah 2016..independent woman blah blah blah 
I prefer when I would get approached and we would exchange numbers and he would call 2 days later or even that evening!! Lool all this new technology and social media have messed the old fashioned days right up. 
I actually like a long phone conversation! 

Break through



Something about a thigh grab that makes me weak!! Lol

3 weeks of conversations and now he tells me, that his other….is mad at him!

Lucky for me, I didn’t have sex with him. Something wasnt right! I’ve known this man for 6 years and In the last month I’ve seen and spoke to him way to much.

All because his other was mad and he needed someone’s time to waste!

5 months I’ve been practicing abstinence …and I can say it brings out an interesting side to a man, when telling them this.

Almost like its a challenge! Lol